George Pena Reviews Platja d’Or in Playa De Muro

One of George’s adult-only venues is Platja D’Or Hotel in Playa De Muro gives George room to be a little bit tongue in cheek with his show (you can see when he is there by clicking here). Check out what the guests at this hotel have to say about George on Trip Advisor.

Platja d’Or Hotel Guest Reviews about George Pena

“The evening entertainment wasn’t very good either except George Pena I was almost crying with laughter.” – Reviewed by Peter179, UK (Reviewed Platja D’Or Hotel July 2017)

“the professional evening entertainment is of a good standard BUT THE COMEDIAN GEORGE PENA ABSOLUTELY FANTASTIC ???. – Reviewed by MMTKD, UK (Reviewed Platja D’Or Hotel June 2017)

“if you get the chance go and see George Pena, he’s fantastic, we would pay to see his act!! – Reviewed by Gavinnewport201, Wales, UK (Reviewed Platja D’Or Hotel June 2017)

George Pena we saw his photo and thought shall we watch or not and we would have missed a brilliant show not only was he a good comedian he was a fantastic opera singer as well .” – Reviewed by Ann K, UK (Reviewed Platja D’Or Hotel June 2017)

“Must mention the comedian George Pena best act I’ve seen ever we laughed till it hurt.” – Reviewed by Maureen W, Kent, UK (Reviewed October 2016)

“Evening entertainment was pretty good especially George Pena(comedian/tenor)” – Reviewed by Peter H, UK (Reviewed October 2016)

“UK V USA soft rock band were really good there was also Tom Lee off BGT, Bee Gees, Abba, Eric Clapton a rockabilly band and a comedian called George Pena who was very good”. – Reviewed by Broncolane53, UK (Reviewed August 2016)

“In the evening, we really enjoyed the UK vs USA night as well as George Pena”. – Reviewed by slowjen1, UK (Reviewed August 2016)

“Entertainment in the evening varied. Best of all= George Peñacomedian/singer and much more”. – Reviewed by Jane S, UK (Reviewed July 2016)

“The evening entertainment was relatively good, especially George Pena and UK V’s USA”. – Reviewed by Gavin PB, UK (Reviewed July 2016)

“The entertainment was good, George Pena the comedian was a blast”. – Reviewed by Georgia E, UK (Reviewed July 2016)

“The entertainment acts Eric Clapton, US vs UK and George Pena were outstanding”. – Reviewed by Breaburn33, UK (Reviewed July 2016)

Where is Platja D’Or Hotel

The Platja D’Or Hotel is situated in the heart of Play De Muro just a short bus drive away from Port De Alcudia and C’an Picafort with plenty to see and do in and outside the area you won’t get bored

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