George Pena Reviews at Club Mac Alcudia

One of George’s most popular venues and where he is currently performing on a two weekly basis is at Club MAC, Alcudia (you can see when he is there by clicking here). Check out what the guests at Club MAC have to say about George on Trip Advisor.

Club MAC Guest Reviews about George Pena

“Evening entertainment fabulous, especially the fantastically funny comedian George Pena, seen him a year earlier here and couldn’t wait to see him again”.dins21 from Shildon (Reviewed June 2019)

“The best night was family man George Pena when we saw the poster thought better of it but seriously this man is HILARIOUS! THE HIGHLIGHT OF OUR HOLIDAY! Adult entertainment that goes over kids heads (or should do haha!)” – Reviewed by Loulafanloua, Essex, UK (reviewed Club MAC May 2018)

“George Pena a stand-up & qualified opera singer does a show which will make you hurt with laughing” – Reviewed by SoulSurferOriginal, UK (reviewed Club MAC August 2017)

“George Pena was amazing” – Reviewed By Jes93e, Nottingham, UK (Reviewed Club MAC June 2017)

“The comedian George Pena was hilarious.” – Reviewed By Iian3300, Lancashire, UK (Reviewed August 2016)

George Pena seriously this guy was awesome” – Reviewed by Hutsl, UK (Reviewed August 2016)

“George Pena was absolutely hilarious but be warned, some of his material is adult even though there are children present.” – Reviewed By Dino F, Croydon, UK (Reviewed August 2016)

“On a personal note, I thought the comedian George Pena was hilarious and the tribute groups were good as well.” – Reviewed by AndreaA2369ZP, Belfast, Ireland (Reviewed August 2016)

“The comedian George Pena – is brilliant – don’t miss him.” – Reviewed by Damien S, UK (Reviewed June 2016)

“George Pena family man was ace.” – Reviewed by San21x, Chesire, UK (Reviewed October 2015)

“The comedian George Pena is very good.” – Reviewed by Jay C, UK (Reviewed September 2015)

“George Pena, he was hilarious!” – Reviewed by Kathy M, Belfast, Ireland (Reviewed August 2015)

“Blues Brothers and George Pena were excellent” – Reviewed by Terry S, Barry, UK (Reviewed June 2015)

“George Peña comedian was fantastic” – Reviewed by Del W, UK (Reviewed October 2014)

Where is Club MAC, Mallorca

Club MAC, Mallorca is based in Alcudia which is a lovely family resort with plenty to do in the hotel with resident entertainers and many visiting acts. CLUB MAC is a short walk to the Hydro Park if you want to venture outside of the hotel the area has lots to offer from restaurants, horse riding, paintball and more check out this post by One Epic Road Trip on things to do in Alcudia.

Other Hotels That George has Performed at