George Pena Reviews at Hotel Palmeras

One of George’s most popular venues and where he is currently performing on a two weekly basis is at Hotel Palmeras, Sa Coma (you can see when he is there by clicking here). Check out what the guests at Hotel Palmeras have to say about George on Trip Advisor.

Hotel Palmeras Guest Reviews about George Pena

“Would recommend everyone sees George Pena, DiVine and The Black Hearts!” Reviewed by Claire C, Peterborough, UK (reviewed Hotel Palmeras August 2018)

“There is entertainment on at night and mostly the shows are very good. The best being George Pena”Reviewed by Source73, Doncaster, UK (reviewed Hotel Palmeras July 2018)

“Standard of entertainment acts at night was usually very good, especially George Pena (comedian) and Sonor (Musicians)”. – Reviewed by KeithM65, Aberdeen, UK (reviewed Hotel Palmeras October 2017)

“George Pena, George was a very funny guy”. – Reviewed by Kittykat_Freddie, UK (reviewed Hotel Palmeras October 2017)

“Evening entertainment was good, especially George Pena”.  – Reviewed by Jess M, Sunbury-on-Thames, UK (reviewed Hotel Palmeras October 2017)

“Adult entertainment was very good, Felix the magician and George Pena in particular”. – Reviewed by KittyHot, Dublin (reviewed July 2017)

“Highlights for us were George Pena, Sonar and Black Hearts Duo”. – Reviewed by Knits 27-7, UK (reviewed July 2017)

“The entertainment was better and more than the brochure led you to expect, and George Pena, comedian/singer was brilliant, and as someone mentioned before he is worth paying to go an see”. Reviewed by Clare_dc410, Tiverton, UK (reviewed October 2016)

“The highlight of the evening entertainment acts was, of course, George Pena, Rud Stewart and Forbidden Broadway!!” Reviewed by Jess M, UK (reviewed October 2016)

“The night Entertainment was not bad apart from the comedian George Pena he was fantastic and very funny”. – Reviewed by Nick P, UK (reviewed September 2016)

“The entertainment at night was a bit hit and miss and the highlight for us was the American comedian George Pena who was hilarious”. – Reviewed by Gary l, UK (reviewed September 2016)

“Enjoyed all the turns on an evening, in particular, George Pena(do not miss this guy!!!)”. – Reviewed by Luke W, Halifax UK (reviewed July 2016)

“Entertainment was great, especially George Pena – wow”. – Reviewed by Dalca, Stafford, UK (reviewed June 2016)

“The comedian one night George Pena was absolutely brilliant and this was a great night of entertainment”. –Reviewed by JaneLizzy29, Elgin, UK (reviewed June 2016)

“George Pena, we would pay to go and see him”. – Reviewed by HeathergMoray, Elgin, UK (reviewed October 2015)

“the night we left a comedian called George Pena was on and he is suburb as we had seen him the previous year and were very sad we missed him”. – Reviewed by Moore68, Redcar, UK (reviewed July October 2015)

“The professional entertainment was probably the best that I have seen at any hotel especially the singer/ comedian George Pena”. – Reviewed by Dave T, ManchesterUK (reviewed July 2015)

“Entertainment was OK with the exception of George Pena the American comedian he was amazing”. – Reviewed by Janice W, UK (reviewed July 2015)

“The operatic comedian George Pena, 2 hrs with no breaks superb”.  – Reviewed by DremT117, UK (reviewed October 2014)

“Some nights OK, some nights poor but two nights were really good. One was the Michael Buble act and the other was the hilarious and fabulously talented George Pena. If you get the chance to see him do!” – Reviewed by Yvonne, Durham, UK (reviewed September 2014)

“On the whole entertainment was average except for the Michael Buble tribute act and the star George Pena -do not miss him”. –  Reviewed by Hugh M, Norwich, UK (reviewed September 2014)

“The comedian GeorgePenaa was the best I have ever seen”. – Reviewed by Sandra194748, Reading, UK (reviewed September 2014)

“The entertainment staff were fab and George Pena was amazing the other acts were standard!” – Reviewed by Rebbeca S, UK (reviewed August 2014)

“If you go please do not miss the comedian George Pena (family guy) as he was the funniest comedian we have ever seen!!” – Reviewed by Gillian F, Scotland (reviewed August 2014)

“The comedy show by George Peña is worth seeing if it is on while you stay”. – Reviewed by Tom H, UK (reviewed August 2014)

“Saw George Pena, hilarious” Reviewed by Sally F, UK (reviewed August 2014)

“George Pena was Hilarious and had most of the people we spoke to were in tears with laughter”. – Reviewed by Moore68, UK (reviewed August 2014)

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