George Pena Reviews at Hotel Rocamarina

One of George’s Thomson Gold venues and where he is currently performing on a two weekly basis is at the Hotel Rocamarina,  (you can see when he is there by clicking here). Check out what the guests at the Hotel Rocamarina have to say about George on Trip Advisor.

Hotel Rocamarina Guest Reviews about George Pena

“Entertainment is varied and of a high standard with resident group Alter Ego holding it all together ably aided by two members of the Thomson Gold team Elvira and Marizza. Particular favourites were again George Pena and also Il Quattro”. Reviewed by Reichert, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina September 2017)

“I found the entertainment much better than last year. I enjoyed two of the four shows put on by the Thomson Production Team, the Pet Shop Boys Tribute, George Pena, Il Divo Tribute, Soul Makers and many others”. Reviewed by Sheila T, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina September 2017)

“George Pena was one of the best acts that we have seen for a long time both for comedy as well as singing”. – Reviewed by MichaelBros, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina September 2017)

“We may have been lucky but the week we were there the entertainment was varied and very good. George Pena the American comedian was exceptionally good”. – Reviewed by Reichert, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina September 2016)

“The standout acts were an American comedian, George Pena: a very original and funny talent” – Reviewed by Ian S, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina July 2016)

“The entertainment each night was very good – we particularly enjoyed the Temptations and the American comedian George Pena”. – Reviewed by Lynn C, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina May 2016)

“We especially loved the entertainment throughout the day by the lovely talented and chirpy entertainment rep Krystal and in particular enjoyed the Sundaes, George Pena, Chris Rafferty and The Temptations and Abba tributes”. – Reviewed by Sharron M, UK (reviewed November 2015)

“The entertainment was great this year. Loved George Pena and The Sundaes”. – Reviewed by Cathiem52, Scotland (reviewed September 2015)

“Keep an eye out for George Pena who’s really funny”. – Reviewed by Kathryn, UK (reviewed August 2015)

“One night there was an American comedian called George Pena who was hilarious best I have seen for a long time he was the best show of the fortnight”. – Reviewed by WendyWoo21, UK (reviewed The Hotel Rocamarina August 2015)

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