George Pena Reviews at Picafort Park Hotel

One of George’s busiest venues and where he is currently performing on a two weekly basis is at the Picafort Park,  (you can see when he is there by clicking here). Check out what the guests at the Picafort Park have to say about George on Trip Advisor.

Picafort Park Guest Reviews about George Pena

“Most of the travelling entertainers were also great, especially El Magnifico and George Pena”.  – ChrisP6252 from Norwich (Reviewed Hotel Stil Picafort Park May 2019)

“A truly class comedian in George Pena” – Reviewed by Steve A, UK (reviewed Picafort Park October 2016)

“George Pena was fab so very very funny”  – Reviewed by Sandraminett, UK (reviewed Picafort Park October 2016)

“George Pena was so funny best comedian I have seen in years hope he is their next year”. – Reviewed by Janice M, UK (reviewed Picafort Park August 2016)

“George Pena was unmissable and hilarious”. – Reviewed by Mark G, UK (reviewed Picafort Park July 2016)

“Our favourites were the rock band, a comedian George Pena and the Thomson Production team who put on some excellent shows”. – Reviewed by Southcoastsunlove, UK (reviewed Picafort Park July 2016)

“We saw 2 very different comedians, both great but different, however, if you get the chance to see George Pena take it, he is unique!” – Reviewed by Jupiter11Merseyside, UK (reviewed  July 2016)

“Must mention the comedian George Pena not to be missed” – Reviewed by PamP, UK (reviewed June 2016)

“comedian and singer George Pena who was very funny”. – Reviewed by JPA012013, UK (reviewed June 2016)

“The star act was an American comedian, George Penas. He had us all laughing from start to the finish of his performance”. – Reviewed by Northender32, UK (reviewed August 2015)

“I particularly liked a guy called George Pena who I thought really was good; has an absolutely amazing voice; how that guy isn’t a global star is beyond me… He really is extraordinary (I assume that I wasn’t listening to a recording) as what I heard was truly amazing”… – Reviewed by MDF0207, UK (reviewed July 2015)

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