The Shows

George has two main shows as well as a third one coming soon, because of the variety the George offers he is able to entertainer all ages and cater towards your venues needs.

George Pena Present’s

Mexit by George PenaMexit

With the continuing news of doom and gloom in the world today it is truly refreshing to hear the humouristic opinions of someone who sees things in a different light. George Pena combines original stand up comedy and parodies with a classically trained opera voice to create the most unique show in our catalogue, a decorated comedian that has performed in international comedy festivals. George benefits from the following of thousands of fans from all over the UK and who make a point to come and find him wherever he is in Mallorca.

He was raised in New York by Hispanic parents and has worked all over the world where he has succeeded in gaining the love of his audiences with his talent and his sense of humour. We can’t wait to see the new surprises George will bring to the stage with this new production, “MEXIT” preparing for the wall!

The Six Tenors – Toreador

Brand new for 2019, is The Six Tenors-Toreador show. Co-written by George Pena himself and can only be seen exclusively at the Auditori Peguera on the Island of Mallorca.

This brand new show for brings together 6 very talented opera singers from all over the world, a live orchestra and the comedy genius that is George Pena in one show.

To find out more and see an exclusive clip of the show click here or to if you would like to book to see this show go to the ticketib page.



The Family Man Show

This show is a comedy show with a twist, it is catered for you nGeorge Pen Family Manan, grandad, mum, dad, aunt, uncle, the kids and even cousin Billy. George mixes his unique style of comedy with his musical skills and crazy sense of humour. This is one of the most popular shows on the island.





George Pena’s Seriously Funny

George Pena seriously funnyGeorge’s seriously funny show contains hilarious parodies, none stop laughter and audience participation is required. be prepared to watch George doing what he does best making people laugh.